Monday, June 20, 2016

This is Cathy's SSOBB Blog Hop Week

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This is Cathy's barn.

The one that inspired her SSOBB Gallery Quilt.

When we were finally able to tell everyone
about the Secret Society of Barn Builders,
Cathy shared her news HERE.

This photo shows part of Cathy's SSOBB Gallery Quilt.

She'll be sharing stories about making it
and more
on her blog this week.

Her first blog hop post is HERE

She's also planning to post again later in the week.

CLICK HERE to read her second post -
you don't want to miss this one
because she shares a brand new free pieced project.

Thanks for visiting her blog 
and sharing your comments with her.

(she'll be offering another chance to win 
an autographed copy of BUILD A BARN, too)

* * *


All of the SSOBB Gallery Quilts will be on display 

as a Special Exhibit during

AQS Quiltweek Chattanooga (September 2016)


AQS Quiltweek Des Moines (October 2016).

The quilts will also be on display during the annual
Davies Manor Quilt and Fiber Arts Show
in Memphis, Tennessee.
(early November 2016)

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