Thursday, June 28, 2018

Price Reduction

For those who want their very own
author-autographed copy of BUILD A BARN,
the book's price has just been reduced.

$15.00 plus USPS Priority Mail shipping charges.

 Please leave me a comment
that includes a way to contact you
and we'll work out the logistics via email.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sightings and New Construction

SSOBB Charter Member Cherie Moore
sent this photo of herself with The Seasonal Sampler
from the Spring Paducah AQS show.

And Preeti and Mari shared this photo
from the Lancaster AQS show.

* * *

The Seasonal Sampler continues its travels
with three more AQS shows this year.

Grand Rapids, MI. August 22–25, 2018

Fall Paducah, KY. September 12–15, 2018

Virginia Beach, VA. October 3–6, 2018

If you see it there, please share a photo!

And a while ago, this photo was shared
as Mari's inspiration photo
for a new free pieced construction project.

Look what she created!

* * *

If you are working on a free pieced building
inspired by BUILD A BARN's process notes,
please let me know.

I'd love to share your work here
to help inspire others.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Reality Check

Barn and silo built  ca. 1920

You may remember this photo 
from page 38 of BUILD A BARN.

I took it on a summer morning in 2015 
at a property less than a half mile from our house.

This is the second barn on that same property.

The photo was taken as a drive-by in late winter 2015.

That second barn was the inspiration
for my SSOBB gallery quilt Flying Lessons.

I took this photo today on my way home from PT.

The property has been sold 
and now the barn is no more.

I know this is the reality of our world,
but it still makes me sad to see
these venerable old buildings destroyed.

So many stories it could have told . . .