Cherie Moore

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The Brave Chicken

Original free pieced design by Cherie Moore
Belleville, Illinois

Free motion quilting by Chris Ballard

28.5" wide x 24.75" long - Shown here before quilting
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Cherie writes:  

I selected my inspiration barn for two reasons.  

I love the look of the barn with its clean lines and beautiful white trim.  

I also love the barn because it housed a brave chicken.  

The actual barn belongs to Norman Wilke 
and is home to Clydesdale horses and chickens.  

In June of 2009, our area was under a tornado warning and, 
as we hung out in our basement, 
a tornado touched down on the Wilke barn, 
twisting the metal roof and shearing the walls.  

All during the storm, the brave chicken held on tight 
and stayed on her egg-filled nest.  
She was calmly clucking when the Wilkes’ came out 
to assess the storm damage.  

About 10 days later, 
the Belleville News-Democrat reported 
the brave chicken was a mother, 
hatching out 12 chicks. 

The Wilke barn is as good as new now
 and never fails to make me smile when I see it.

Shown here after quilting - Photo will supersize if double-clicked


Cherie, who considers herself a novice free piecer, 
pieced sky lights in her barn’s upper roof.  

She also used two different thrifted shirtings to piece the sky.


Three distinct sets of parallel quilted lines 
emphasize the sloping, angled shapes of the barn’s roof.  

Gentle curves fill the barnyard and swirls unify the scrappy sky.


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  1. Great barn and lovely story. Windy sky goes with that story.


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