Saturday, August 10, 2019

Rosewood Farms - The Quilt

This was the last photo I shared of the pink barn.

(created mid-2016 as a  demo/presentation 
sample block for BUILD A BARN)

Since that threads-chosen photo was shared, 
I have been pondering how to quilt
the barnyard and the sky . . .

And then I saw these clouds and knew what I wanted to do.

(photo taken through the windshield while DH was driving)

From flat to fabulous.

My liberated free motion all-over fans
created perfect texture for the sky and
using the barnyard fabric design as my guide
provided realistic texture for the bushes and plants.

(for more examples of how quilting 
enhances free pieced work, click HERE
and scroll through the barns of See Rock City)

The batik binding works so well -
what a happy find from the stash.

Here's a detail photo to show 
the roof line ribbon candy motif
as well as the haymow and door details.

Rosewood Farms finished 
at 22" wide by 21.5" high.

Now I can share it 
as an additional example during
my upcoming class at our LQS.

* * *

If you have made a free pieced barn
or other building using the process notes
I would be happy to share your work here.

Just email me photos and your project's story -
there's a link in my profile (see sidebar).


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