Monday, January 8, 2018

Sharing Sad News

just-Spring by Katherine R. French

I am so very sorry to share news of 
the passing of one of our SSOBB Charter Members.

Collage - just-Spring by Katherine R. French

Kathy French passed away on November first
after being diagnosed with Stage Four lung cancer.

Kathy was an enthusiastic member of the SSOBB,
sharing many thoughts during the editing process
that made BUILD A BARN's process notes better.

She also shared barn photos from her 2016 trip to the UK.

She posted about this stone barn here.

She also shared a post about this stone barn in North Wales.

* * *

And, if you've never seen 
Kathy's free pieced quilt named Roses for Rosita,
she shared during the quilt's making.

Thank you Kathy for sharing yourself with us -
We will miss you!