Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Real Life See Rock City Barn

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Have you ever seen one of the SEE ROCK CITY barns?

I saw one on our way home from Chattanooga
but it was just off the side of a very busy interstate
with no place to pull over for picture taking.

I've also see the one shown above
 just outside Murphy, North Carolina.

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Here it is taken from a bit further away.

Gotta love that Ruby Falls sign.

(both attractions are located on Lookout Mountain)

I also think the chevron design of the barn's 
weathered gray siding is very striking.

photo will supersize for additional detail

This was the view as we pulled off the highway.
(the one that runs along the left side of the photo)

Finding a barn like this "in the wild"
 might not seem exciting to some people,
but it was an awesome experience for me.

If you are out and about and happen to spot
be sure to stop and get photos.

They are such a part of our cultural history.

* * *

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courtesy of Google Images.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

AQS Chattanooga - A Recap

Signage for the SSOBB Gallery Quilt Exhibit
at AQS Quiltweek Chattanooga 2016.

From the Chattanooga Show Book.

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A panoramic look at our Special Exhibit
at Chattanooga.

What a thrill to see our quilts hanging together!

The Seasonal Sampler 
from BUILD A BARN was on display
in the Author Showcase.

It was hanging beside the cover quilt
from Gwen Marston's Free Range Triangle book.

Left to right:

(taken at the end of the all-day class
taught by Lynn on Abstract Quilts in Solids)

Heidi, Cherie, and Julie posing
with fellow SSOBB Charter Member Lynne Tyler'
Honorable Mention wall quilt Too Much Chicken.

* * *

Next stop for the Gallery Quilts?

AQS Quiltweek Des Moines.

Friday, September 9, 2016

AQS Chattanooga -- Come See The Exhibit!

I'll be carrying this tote bag

AQS Chattanooga

September 14-17, 2016

And while you are at the show,
be sure to see our

featuring the SSOBB Gallery Quilts.

* * *

While you are there,
take some photos of yourself with the quilts
and email those photos to me.
(email in profile in sidebar)

The SSOBB would love
to hear your reactions to their quilts
and see your smiling faces.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Inspiration Photos From Eunice

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Eunice sent these photos recently
after a trip to Virginia.

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All four of these photos were taken from a moving car's window -
I especially love this old broken but still useful barn.

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These barns are all in the Shenandoah Valley area
near Harrisonburg, VA.

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This barn with its red sliding doors
intrigues both Eunice and yours truly.

THANK YOU, Eunice!!

* * *

Have you seen any intreating barns lately?

Send me your photos
and I'll share them here
for all of us to enjoy!

(email in profile)