Every Book Has a Story

"Snow-va Scotia" wall hanging gifted to me by Valerie Levy

Every book has a back-story
and BUILD A BARN is no exception.

I received a phone call from AQS in late 2013
asking if I would be interested in creating a
Block of the Month pattern for
my free pieced barn quilt SEE ROCK CITY.

For those of you familiar with free piecing,
you know that there are no patterns
because each creation is a completely unique original.

One thing led to another until late spring 2014 
when I submitted a book proposal to AQS
featuring the creation of SEE ROCK CITY
as a case study for the free piecing process.

The rest of this blog shares lots of photos and stories,
along with additional reference material
to supplement the content of BUILD A BARN.

Many more posts will be added,
including much more detail about 
SEE ROCK CITY's creation process,
so why not follow along
using Bloglovin' or e-mail.
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