Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shared by a Recent QT Student

Anne's class project barn

This post is shared with permission 
from a recent BUILD A BARN student:

Lynne asked me to send you a picture 
of the barn I recently made in her class
at Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH.

I had so much fun making it! 

It is unlike anything I have done before 
and I know I will be making more. 

At your suggestion, 
I've been looking at the book blog 
for inspiration on how to quilt the piece.

As far as the story behind it - 
my original intent when I signed up for the class 
was to make a quilt inspired by my grandfather's barn. 

I wasn't able to get a hold of any pictures in time 
so I looked around the town I live in for inspiration 
(waiting until the last minute, of course...). 

I took photos of a small white barn, 
thinking I would add some interest 
by piecing the sky and ground, 
similar to ones in your book. 

1 week before the class, I went to a local fabric store 
and on the way saw the back of the barn pictured below. 

I didn't turn around but made a mental note 
to find the barn on the way home. 

I wasn't able to find any barn fabrics I loved 
but purchased some I knew I could make work with my plan. 

On the way home, 
I stopped and took the photo below 
and wondered if I could do it justice 
with what I had purchased (I couldn't). 

The night before the class, 
I was prepping my supplies and decided 
to poke through my fabric stash one last time 
and saw the stripe, which I had previously looked over. 

I knew it would be perfect!

I ended up purchasing the blue sky and green ground fabric 
on the day of the class (with Lynne's assistance) 
because what I had brought did not work with the striped barn.

Inspiration barn for Anne's class project

I still plan to make a quilt inspired
by my grandfather's barn
 as well as others -  
they are just so fun to make!

Thank you!

Anne J.
Walpole, NH

* * *

If you have created a barn
inspired by the book BUILD A BARN
please share photos and your thoughts on the process
using the email link in the ABOUT ME profile box.

I would be delighted to share your work here.

* * *

And for those who live in the greater Memphis area,
plans are underway to teach barn building
at Fabric for the Flock later this summer.

Keep an eye on the shop's Facebook page
for class registration information.