You Did WHAT With Your Quilt?

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I understand and respect the many reasons for 
flat, full size photographs of finished quilts.  

However, I see my quilts as multi-dimensional creations 
and flat, full size photographs are just that.  

Flat and formal.

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Because nearly all of my quilts are meant to be used and enjoyed 
(vs. art quilts or quilts for show/display)
choosing fabrics for the backs that relate to the fronts 
(scrappy or otherwise) is very important to me.

I also choose my binding fabrics to 
visually connect the front and back of each quilt.  

By photographing my finished quilts outdoors 
using benches, rock walls, clotheslines, a wide variety of fences, 
iron railings, tree branches, fishing piers, and the like, 
I am able to capture each quilt’s personality, 
its quilted textures, 
and pleasing glimpses of its fabrics.

I realize this type of casual quilt photo 
is not for everyone, 
but seeing my quilts outdoors 
interacting with their surroundings 
truly makes me happy.