Monday, August 6, 2018

Spreading the Word

Let's help spread the word
about our love for barns
and free pieced barn building . . .

We have several hashtags on Instagram
and the more we share images of barns and
our free pieced barn (or other building) projects,
the better for all of us!

The primary hashtag is 


but we also use






When you discover a grand old barn
or one that is in a sad state of dis-repair,
stop and take a photo or two
and share them on Instagram
using the four hashtags above.

(and if you are not on Instagram,
email the photos to me using
julie at sefton dot info
and I'll share them here along with
credit to you as the photographer)

LOTS of people love barns,
so let's share that joy.

Barns deserve our respect and appreciation -

so let's share more barn photos!