Belinda from Texas

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If This Barn Could Talk

Original free pieced design by Belinda 

Free motion quilting by Chris Ballard

28.5" wide by 27.5" long - Shown here before quilting
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Belinda writes:  

This barn really existed.
It belonged to Mildred and Marvin.  

We used to sit out on her brick patio and gaze at her barn 
while listening to the exciting stories she told 
of parties and barn dances she and Marvin put on.  

We heard stories of friends, neighbors, politicians, 
and all kinds of important people who attended their events.  

Mildred LOVED this barn and kept it updated, 
including a whole new roof, 
but after she and Marvin died, the land was sold.  

My husband and I watched 
on the day the new landowners bulldozed 
this fabulous barn along with Mildred’s house.  

It was especially sad because 
Mildred had been raised in an orphanage 
and we both knew how very important her homestead had been to her.  

This quilt is my interpretation of Mildred’s big red barn all decked out for the holidays.

Shown here after quilting - Photo will supersize if double-clicked


Light from within illuminates the evening sky 
and musical novelty fabric draws viewers closer to the barn dance.  

A bit of applique allows an elegant windmill 
to stand guard under the watchful eye of a crescent moon.


Differently oriented quilted lines accentuate 
the various wall and roof sections of the barn.  

An open, gentle meander unifies the festive night-time sky, 
detail stitching defines details in the decorated fence,
and multiple stitched designs bring the wintery barnyard to life.


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  1. Yea, for barns and boo, to bulldozers. I bet Mildred would be pleased.

  2. Love Belinda's barn. I am going to have purchase book and try this.

  3. Love Belinda's barn. I am going to have purchase book and try this.

  4. I love your story about Mildred and Marvin. It brings back memories of sitting on the porch at my Grandma and Grandpa's listening to their stories of times past.

  5. How sad about Mildred and Marvin's barn. But how wonderful that you have memorialized it in fabric! We're losing too many good ole barns.


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