Hilda Bakke

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Round Barn at Ojo

Original free pieced design by Hilda Bakke
Willard, New Mexico 

Free motion quilting by Chris Ballard

27..5" wide x 28.25" long - Shown here before quilting
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Hilda writes:  

There aren’t a lot of barns where I live, 
so I searched online for a New Mexico barn 
I could interpret in cloth.  

I was inspired by the 
Ojo Calilente Mineral Springs Round Barn, 
the only round barn in New Mexico.  

It is also said to be the only remaining adobe 
round barn in the United States – 
but why, oh why, didn’t I realize that a round barn 
would pose significant challenges in the interpretation!  

The barn was built in 1924 and 
added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.  

Extensive renovations were completed in 2002 
and plans are in place for it to serve 
as a venue for special events and retreats.

Shown here after quilting - Photo will supersize if double-clicked


If the color of your fabric is too intense / bright / dark 
to adequately convey your vision, 
try turning the fabric over and using the 
“wrong” side like Hilda did with many of her fabrics.


Multiple stitching designs add definition 
and interest to the ground and surrounding mountains.  

Gently arched lines add enormous texture 
to the roof and thread play creates a lightning rod.


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