Before and After Quilting

This series of twelve collages
shares the almost magical transformation 
that can take place when a free pieced quilt top is quilted.

Seam lines that were terribly obvious before 
soften into the quilted textures. 

Quilting adds dimension and interest to formerly flat surfaces. 

Window panes appear where there were none before.

Scrappy skies suddenly make more sense.

Window and door frames are more clearly defined.

Notice the branches that appear in the tree.

Quilted textures further define upper and lower stories of the barns.

Notice the textural changes in 
the appliquéd balloons and the barn's siding.

Notice the swags tucked along the barn's upper/lower story seam line.

Consistent free motion swirls in the skies
helps unify the entire quilt top.

A single design featuring curved arcs
unifies the scrappy barnyards across each row
and throughout the entire quilt.

For more photos of "before" and "after" quilting,
please visit the Gallery Pages for the Charter Members

* * *

Quilting shown here was stitched by Chris Ballard.

CLICK HERE for her SSOBB Gallery Page.

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  1. Chris, really nice selection of quilting motifs. Judy Young


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