Monday, August 19, 2019

Where the Green Grass Grows

This sample/demo/teaching barn block 
when I was teaching barn building at JCCFS.

I shared its May 2019 makeover from 
Cows at Sunset to Where the Green Grass Grows HERE.

I used random scribble-zig-zag stitching 
around the cows' feet and in the grassy areas 
and added some gentle outline stitching 
around the bushes and a few of the cows.

I like the textural results.

The rocky area was stitched 
with lots of tiny liberated pebbles
to push it behind the grass and barn.

The sky's batik told me how to quilt using
random pebbles to outline and fill as needed.

Once again, I am very pleased with the result.

The door and haymow as well as the borders
were quilted with uneven and fairly close matchstick lines.

So why did I name this Where the Green Grass Grows?

That's a lyric fragment from an older country music song
that suited the quilt's theme and depicted scene.

Finished size is approximately 19" x 19"

* * *

Three-plus years have now passed
since the release of BUILD A BARN 
and the time has come 
to stop adding new posts to this blog.

Everything that is here will remain 
as a testament to the fabulous free pieced work
done by the members of the SSOBB and others
who have used the book's process notes
to create buildings of their own.

THANK YOU to our loyal followers and
please feel free to use the links within this blog
to keep tabs on those who have contributed
by following their personal blogs. 

CLICK HERE to read the story behind this photo

Until we meet again . . . 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Rosewood Farms - The Quilt

This was the last photo I shared of the pink barn.

(created mid-2016 as a  demo/presentation 
sample block for BUILD A BARN)

Since that threads-chosen photo was shared, 
I have been pondering how to quilt
the barnyard and the sky . . .

And then I saw these clouds and knew what I wanted to do.

(photo taken through the windshield while DH was driving)

From flat to fabulous.

My liberated free motion all-over fans
created perfect texture for the sky and
using the barnyard fabric design as my guide
provided realistic texture for the bushes and plants.

(for more examples of how quilting 
enhances free pieced work, click HERE
and scroll through the barns of See Rock City)

The batik binding works so well -
what a happy find from the stash.

Here's a detail photo to show 
the roof line ribbon candy motif
as well as the haymow and door details.

Rosewood Farms finished 
at 22" wide by 21.5" high.

Now I can share it 
as an additional example during
my upcoming class at our LQS.

* * *

If you have made a free pieced barn
or other building using the process notes
I would be happy to share your work here.

Just email me photos and your project's story -
there's a link in my profile (see sidebar).


Monday, July 8, 2019

Kendall's Barn Quilt

Two years ago Bonnie and her granddaughter Kendall
took one of Lynne Tyler's barn classes 
at Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH. 

Bonnie had a hard time getting it 
but Kendall got it right away. 

Bonnie sewed. 

Kendall told her what to do. 

Kendall made this quilt as a project and gift for a friend. 

They knew Lynne would be teaching 
on a specific day last May so they 
took the quilt to the shop to show Lynne.

Lynne and her class of barn building students
were totally impressed.

So am I.

You can read Lynne's post about it HERE.

And be sure to supersize the photos
to see even greater detail.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shared by a Recent QT Student

Anne's class project barn

This post is shared with permission 
from a recent BUILD A BARN student:

Lynne asked me to send you a picture 
of the barn I recently made in her class
at Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH.

I had so much fun making it! 

It is unlike anything I have done before 
and I know I will be making more. 

At your suggestion, 
I've been looking at the book blog 
for inspiration on how to quilt the piece.

As far as the story behind it - 
my original intent when I signed up for the class 
was to make a quilt inspired by my grandfather's barn. 

I wasn't able to get a hold of any pictures in time 
so I looked around the town I live in for inspiration 
(waiting until the last minute, of course...). 

I took photos of a small white barn, 
thinking I would add some interest 
by piecing the sky and ground, 
similar to ones in your book. 

1 week before the class, I went to a local fabric store 
and on the way saw the back of the barn pictured below. 

I didn't turn around but made a mental note 
to find the barn on the way home. 

I wasn't able to find any barn fabrics I loved 
but purchased some I knew I could make work with my plan. 

On the way home, 
I stopped and took the photo below 
and wondered if I could do it justice 
with what I had purchased (I couldn't). 

The night before the class, 
I was prepping my supplies and decided 
to poke through my fabric stash one last time 
and saw the stripe, which I had previously looked over. 

I knew it would be perfect!

I ended up purchasing the blue sky and green ground fabric 
on the day of the class (with Lynne's assistance) 
because what I had brought did not work with the striped barn.

Inspiration barn for Anne's class project

I still plan to make a quilt inspired
by my grandfather's barn
 as well as others -  
they are just so fun to make!

Thank you!

Anne J.
Walpole, NH

* * *

If you have created a barn
inspired by the book BUILD A BARN
please share photos and your thoughts on the process
using the email link in the ABOUT ME profile box.

I would be delighted to share your work here.

* * *

And for those who live in the greater Memphis area,
plans are underway to teach barn building
at Fabric for the Flock later this summer.

Keep an eye on the shop's Facebook page
for class registration information.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Really Good Class - Part 2

Here is another look at the class room
and a barn builder hard at work.

Look closely at the background 
and you can see one of Lynne's two
SSOBB gallery quilts - Pig Farm Barn.

I love the two-tone look of this barn's door
and the elegant tailored look of the building.

A plaid barn - how much fun is that?!?

Again, just look at all those smiling faces.

(These photos are from a class taught
by Lynne Tyler at Quilted Threads in Henniker NH)

* * *

If you've never tried building a barn of your own,
get an autographed copy of my book 
BUILD A BARN-No Pattern Construction
 directly from me for almost the same 
price as Amazon Prime.

 ($15.00 plus $7.50 domestic USPS Priority Mail shipping)

Monday, May 13, 2019

A Really Good Class

Here is another example where a student
did a great job of choosing fabrics - 
including her scrappy sky.

I love photos with student hands at work.

Someone printed out multiple photos
of real barns to bring to class
for added inspiration . . .

Double click to enlarge this photo
and notice the stone barn 
being constructed on a hill.

As an aside - this classroom space 
is outstanding with plenty of room
for each student to work.

This student even opted to include 
a security light while building her barn.

* * *

(These photos are from a class taught by
Lynne Tyler at Quilted Threads in Henniker NH)

* * *

If you've never tried building a barn of your own,
get an autographed copy of my book 
BUILD A BARN-No Pattern Construction
 directly from me for almost the same 
price as Amazon Prime.

 ($15.00 plus $7.50 domestic USPS Priority Mail shipping)

Monday, April 22, 2019

Work in Progress

Look at the way this student used her fabrics
to add detail to her free pieced barn -
flowers along the stone wall, 
a rock foundation for the barn itself, 
a stone path leading in and out of the barn,
and even a barn quilt on the barn.

Another example of using a photograph
for inspiration while building.

(I love that sky fabric)

This student included some wonderful details 
like the transom above the barn door
and the area to the right of the barn.

Free piecing gives you so many ways 
to personalize your work.

And at the end of the day,
THIS can be the result!

(These photos are from another of the classes taught
by Lynne Tyler at Quilted Threads in Henniker NH)

* * *

If you've never tried building a barn of your own,
get an autographed copy of my book 
BUILD A BARN-No Pattern Construction
 directly from me for almost the same 
price as Amazon Prime.

 ($15.00 plus $7.50 domestic USPS Priority Mail shipping)