Saturday, October 27, 2018

Congratulations to Wendy!

Wendy's free pieced barn quilt is a winner!!

Wendy was part of one of my local barn building classes
and I was so impressed with all the little extras she included
like the triple edged roof line,
the fussy cut and double-framed haymow,
and a secondary shuttered window with flowers.

She quilted her piece on her DSM
and took full advantage of the many different stitch styles
to lend even more interest and texture.

You can double click this last full-view photo
to enjoy all the details.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

AQS Virginia Beach - Quilt Sighting

It took some effort on their part,
but Tina (L) and her friend Jennifer (R)
were finally able to spend quality time
with The Seasonal Sampler
at the AQS Virginia Beach show.

They had searched and searched without luck
until they started asking AQS folks 
where they could find the quilt.


Somehow it had been missed 
during the frenzy of unpacking 
and getting the show ready to open.

The Sampler was quickly pulled from its traveling trunk
and displayed in the Author/iQuilt Showcase area.

Tina and Jennifer examined every little detail 
and shared that seeing the quilt in person 
was the highlight of their visit.

I am thrilled and amazed at how good 
The Seasonal Sampler looks after four-plus years 
of traveling all across the USA.

Seeing these photos is like visiting with an old friend -
thanks to Tina and Jennifer for sharing their visit.