Julie Post

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Make Life Simple

Original free pieced design by Julie Post
Titonka, Iowa

Free motion quilting by Chris Ballard

25.25" wide x 24.5" long - Shown here before quilting
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Julie writes:  

The possibilities seemed endless 
when I started thinking about a barn block.  
Living in north Iowa, 
there are plenty of barns and buildings for inspiration.  

I found the roof line for this one on the way to work.  

It was different and I knew I would use it.

The inspiration for color choices 
came out of a small drawer of scrap fabric.  

There were some red strips already sewn together, 
perfect for walls, so my barn would be red.  

A small piece of fabric with a moon on it 
and two lonely star blocks gave me the idea for a night sky.  

I had wanted a quilt block on the barn, 
but when I found the words about scrap quilts, 
I used them instead.  

When I saw the cow fabric, 
I knew I wanted them looking out the windows and, 
since barns and tractors just seem to belong together, 
I parked one in the barn.

I really had fun working on this.  

As I put this barn together, 
I found myself thinking about the next barn, 
and the one after that.  

There are SO many ways to go when building a barn!

Shown here after quilting - Photo will  supersize if double-clicked


Make the most of what you have on hand.

Be willing to let go of pre-conceived ideas.


Stylized stitching unifies the multiple barnyard grasses, 
outline stitching defines the scrappy stars, 
and elegant swirls add magic and depth to the night sky.  

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