Friday, June 24, 2016

Barns, Inspiration, and Sharing

Barn along Hwy 64 near Lakeland, Tennessee

As you drive down the road,
keep an eye out for barns . . . 

They're everywhere
and they are so full of possibilities.

In the photo above
notice the blue roofline,
the scalloped edging between the stories,
and the fancy haymow door designs.

Lots of design ideas to work with.

Barn seen near Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
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My husband took photos of this barn on a recent business trip.

Two colors ala upstairs/downstairs,
contrast-trimmed doors,
symmetrical gable roof,
a weathervane,
and just look at all those flags in the park next door.

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SSOBB Charter Member Lynne Tyler snapped this photo
as she travelled through Maryland.

Notice the deep blue sky and the curving tree line, 
the classic red of the barn's walls,
the colors in the fields, 
and the shadows in the foreground.

Again, so many design possibilities.

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This elegant white barn near Corinth, Mississippi
even has grazing cows in the fenced enclosure.

Wouldn't it be interesting to design a quilt block
with the trees in the foreground and background?!?

Barn spotted near Birmingham, Alabama
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This photo is a classic "drive-by" from the highway image.

Loot at all the design ideas it offers --

long curving fence lines, 
a rounded gable roof with a cupola,
early morning sun-streaked sky,
specimen trees plus trees/shrubs in the foreground,
and the barn is sitting on a hill.

* * *

If you have spotted a barn that you'd like to share,
either post about it on your own blog or FB page
and send me the link so I can share it here
email me the image with location details
and I'll share your image(s) here. 

(email is in my blogger profile)

And if you have a favorite barn story,
I'd be happy to share that here, too.

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