Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Sense of Scale

Photo taken by Cherie Moore - Paducah 2016

After sharing photos of BUILD A BARN's Seasonal Sampler
from the Paducah Quilt Week Author's Showcase,
I was reminded (once again) of the differences
between looking at a quilt in real life
and seeing in in photographs online or in a book.

Teresa Raleigh with The Seasonal Sampler - Paducah 2016
Teresa blogs at A Quilt and A Prayer

The Seasonal Sampler measures 68" wide x 55" long

For the sake of comparison,
the top surface of a standard/full mattress
measures 75" long x 54" wide.

Photo taken by Cherie Moore - Paducah 2016

I remember being very surprised the first time
I saw one of Lynne's free pieced quilts in person.

I always thought her letters were tiny
based on the photos she shared on her blog
and that I could never make mine that small.

In real life those letters were NOT tiny.

I was SO relieved!

* * *

The free pieced barn blocks are the same way.

They are NOT tiny.

They are comfortably large 
and sometimes they can become very large.

I think that takes a LOT of the stress away.

So the next time you catch yourself thinking
"Oh my gosh, that's small"
go get a tape measure and some painter's/masking tape.

Mark out the dimensions on your floor
and you may be quite surprised!


  1. My mother asked me to put her favorite quote in a quilt once. Thing is, her favorite quote was a long PARAGRAPH! I said, "Ma, too many words. Way too many letters. This quilt would cover the roof of your house!" My smallest letters are about four inches square, so yeah, my word quilts get big in a hurry!

    (Millie is the cat, and it's a long story.)

  2. You will also remember way back when you started making barns. You said, "My barn blocks are going to be twelve inches square," and I laughed. Maybe I snickered. I remember thinking, "That won't last long. They'll grow by themselves." And of course, they did. :-)

  3. How fun to see my pic in your post - but I have to say I look a little lifeless after that great pose by friend Kevin LOL!!!!

  4. And another thing ..... I also have to say that I was blown away by your quilt Julie! It was absolutely beautiful up close and personal - pictures could never do it justice!!!

  5. Are these quilts going to be on the west coast later this year? I'd love to see them.


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