Thursday, May 5, 2016

How to "Make" an Author's Day

January barn block from cover quilt SEE ROCK CITY

Check out what Linda Schiffer wrote on her blog about BUILD A BARN:

Another unexpected item in my queue 
was a new book I apparently bought online. 

I have the idea to make a barn quilt of some kind 
and this book leads you by the hand 
to work on your own design:

I have actually read the text all the way through this book - 
fun and inspiring. 
I am looking forward to making my own version. :)   

* * *

What makes me especially happy
 is that she is not the only person 
who has mentioned READING the book --

not just flipping through and looking at the photos --

but actually READING the story.

* * *

Thank you to Julie Post
for sharing Linda's post with me.

CLICK HERE to visit Linda's blog. 

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