Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Did You See These?

My July 2016 issue of AQ arrived the other day
along with the July/August 2016 catalog.

Have your copies arrived yet?

I found THIS inside the catalog - wow!

That's one of Glen's two gallery quilts at the top right,
the one she titled Crow Morning.

That's Lynne's Four Seasons quilt in the center.

And that's one of Lynne's two gallery quilts at the bottom right,
the one she named Pig Farm Barn.

(You can see more detail for the gallery quilts
and read their background stories by clicking
on Glen's and Lynne's tabs at the top of the blog)

I particularly like Kim's editorial in this issue.

I was so glad I had a chance to talk with her during the Paducah show. 

It was important to share how pleased I was with the
respectful way she and the editorial and production staff at AQS
 treated the creation of BUILD A BARN.

And then, 
on page 15 of the actual magazine,
I found THIS!

* * *

The best part of all this is
the way BUILD A BARN is inspiring others
to take the idea of free piecing and run with it --

For example, check out Kaja's third lighthouse HERE
(Her first lighthouse is HERE and her second lighthouse HERE.
The beginnings of her project were posted here)

Kaja, who shared her thoughts about BUILD A BARN here,
 recently shared this observation with me --

"I like how working like this lets you make lots of 
little fabric pulls within the main project."

SO true!


  1. O holy carp! I just ran out to the recycle bin I just left out at the end of my driveway and dug my catalog out of it! Too funny by half! TWO of my quilts are in this! Thank you!

  2. That's a fabulous review of your book, Julie. How wonderful to know that you've inspired other quiltmakers.
    (And fancy Lynne tossing out her catalogue without noticing that there were photos of two of her quilts in it! LOL)

    Sydney, Australia


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