Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sandra's Newly-Quilted Barns

Sandra was one of my Folk School students earlier this year.

She created three barns during our week together.

This is the first of the three - quilted and bound.

This is the second now-finished quilt.

What really made my heart happy was
not only did she finish all three quilts,
but she shared them so that they were part of 
the recent Davies Manor Quilt and Fiber Arts Show.

This is the third finished quilt - The Psycho Barn.

If you double click each of these
you should be able to see more of her quilting.

She already has places chosen in her house
to hang all three quilts.


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  1. Very cool. Up I realised the other day I must have lost my Cajun cabins I was making. So I get to start another idea when I am ready to do barns again. I took a lot of photos of structures in the smoky mt park in sept. I think that might work as a quilt.


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