Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Folk School Experience

I taught a 5-day BUILD A BARN class last week
at The Folk School in North Carolina.

It was a most excellent experience
and I hope to teach at The Folk School again.

Over the next week or so
I'll be sharing photos here of the barns 
that my eager-and-willing-to-go-for-it students created.

So why are there photos of yours truly
and her new felted wool hat

When we arrived on Sunday,
it was sunny and 80+ degrees.

By Wednesday afternoon,
temperatures were in the 40s with cold rain.

Thursday was even chillier with more rain and clouds.

Friday dawned clear and sunny with gusty winds
that made standing in the shade quite chilly.

Hence the hat to keep my head warm.

* * *

People kept telling me the hat needed a flower.

I knew I had this beautiful wool flower at home
that was purchased last fall from a local artist
at the Davies Manor quilt show.

The purple wool hat and the warm red flower
were clearly meant to be together.

So to those who suggested a flower, you were right.

* * *

All of this to say that spending time at The Folk School
as a student or as an instructor is just plain fun.

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