Monday, July 11, 2016

Blog Hop - Round Barn at Ojo

Round Barn at Ojo by Hilda Bakke

This week's featured SSOBB Charter Member is Hilda Bakke.

Due to a series of unforeseen circumstances,
Hilda has asked me to share her blog hop post here
on the BUILD A BARN blog.

Hilda was quick to join 
the Secret Society of Barn Builders
in December of 2014.

A few weeks later, she shared the following 
in an email to the SSOBB members:

"There aren’t a lot of barns where I live, 
so I searched online for a New Mexico barn 
I could interpret in cloth.  

I was inspired by the 
Ojo Calilente Mineral Springs Round Barn, 
the only round barn in New Mexico.  

It is also said to be the only remaining adobe 
round barn in the United States – 
but why, oh why, didn’t I realize that a round barn 
would pose significant challenges in the interpretation!" 

Pre-renovation Condition of Adobe Round Barn
Photo will supersize if double-clicked

While preparing this post,
I found this information:

"Built in 1924, the Adobe Round Barn is one of 
Northern New Mexico's architectural treasures. 

In 1985 the barn was added to the 
National Register of Historic Places and in 1988
the barn was featured in the film "Young Guns." 

A complete restoration of the barn was completed in 2002, 
successfully preserving the historical features of the barn 
while creating a modern spiritual setting. 

The restoration project was awarded New Mexico's 
"2003 Building of the Year - Restoration" 
by the Associated General Contractors 
as well as the Restoration Award from the 
New Mexico Preservation Society. 

The barn has a 2,600 square foot wood-plank floor 
upstairs in what was the old hayloft and
2,000 square feet on the adobe-surfaced ground floor."

If you visit the website for Ojo Spa
and click on the Photo Tour option
(upper right corner of the page),
you'll find a set of six images of the renovated
Adobe Round Barn.

Hilda also shared this link to her 
inspiration photo for the Adobe Round Barn
when she shared this work in progress photo with the SSOBB.

Hilda's Round Barn Under Construction
Photo will supersize if double clicked

You can read more about 
Hilda's SSOBB barn on her Gallery Page.

Just look for her name tab in the blog header

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If you would like a chance to win
an autographed copy of BUILD A BARN
so you can create your own barn in fabric,
please leave a comment on this post.

Winner will be announced here on Friday July 8.

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  1. A round barn -- love it. I'm sure that was a challenge to try to create in cloth. You did a great job.

  2. Well done on creating the round barn - it looks great!

  3. Nice love the round barn makes things different....nice story too...

  4. Your round barn is so unique. I miss you! My heart to yours.

    glen/QuiltSwissy: no need to enter me in the drawing!

  5. She did a super job on the round barn.

  6. Great round barn. The tall roof line is very unusual. Nice that the barn was restored so many can enjoy it.


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