Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sharing the Joy

Chris (the mom) with her daughter's copy of Build a Barn

When SSOBB member Chris Ballard 
visited her mom (also named Chris) last week,
Chris (the daughter) took along her copy of Build a Barn.

Chris (the mom) was thrilled
and asked if she could keep the book
in order to read "all of it."

(It is important to know that Chris (the mom) is also a quilt maker
who has been making beautiful quilts for many years)

The very next day I had a phone call 
from Chris (the mom ) --

The excitement in her voice
gave me goosebumps of happiness.

She told me loved the book.

She laughed and shared that she stayed up late 
to read "every single word"
including the publication information 
and the photo captions.

But wait . . . here's the best part.

She was hunting for a sketch book
because she's been saving photos of barns
from her hometown newspaper for years
and she wanted to start sketching ideas 
for her very own barn project.

She's also been stashing fabrics for years
in order to translate a favorite Southern scene 
into a quilt top - and now she knows how she can do it!


* * *

Thank you to both Chris (the daughter) and Chris (the mom)
for taking time to share their experience with the book --
and for letting me share it with all of you.



  1. LOL, I think Chris (the daughter) is going to have to let Chris (the mom) keep that book!

  2. Lol, Chris (the daughter) is getting Chris (the mom) her own copy. She has already requested me to sketch book! Chris (the daughter) is so happy to see Chris (the mom) so excited!!!!!! I love how Julie termed us, too cute!!!!

  3. Julie, I have just posted about my new copy of Build-A-Barn and what barns meant to me and my late son, also Chris. Please check out my Build-A-Barn post of today's date, before I saw this new post. Thank you for touching my life also. I do not know how to show you my photos any other way, just check out Paula B Quilts.


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