Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sharing Silos

In honor of my book's first birthday,
I'm sharing some recently constructed silos.

If you still need to get a copy of the book,
this link will help --

If you'd rather have an e-book, click here

This sturdy stone silo has a multi-angle top.

This concrete version is typical of so many silos here
with its flat, contrast-banded top.

And this pair features that same flat-top look
but with a tree growing out the top.

I've seen ONE tree silo so far.
(near Franklin, Tennessee)

There's a Flickr album HERE
that shows lots and lots of other tree silos.

There's also a very interesting article
about tree silos HERE.

Because this photo is so wide
you'll need to double-click to enlarge it.

I'll quilt it one of these days,
but for now the silo sampler 
makes me happy just the way it is.

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