Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cherie's Illinois Barn

SSOBB Member Cherie Moore
shared this Illinois pole barn
during the SSOBB blog hop last year.

CLICK HERE to read her post about its construction.

When I taught at The Folk School earlier this year,
Cherie sent me her pole barn block
so I could share it with my students.

Of course, I took a few detail photos
while it was in my studio.

Cherie is known for her wonderful use of thrifted shirtings
and this barn is a terrific example of her work.

I especially like the way she added the top on her silo.

If you ever wonder whether small details make a difference,
just look at the impact of that narrow inserted strip above her barn door
and the very narrow inserted strip along the barn's roof lines.

The answer is YES - little details DO make a big difference.

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