Monday, August 8, 2016

Sharing Our Barn Photos

Now that the SSOBB Blog Hop has ended,
it is time to start sharing barn photos.

As you are out and about,
grab your phone/camera and take photos 
of the barns, silos, sheds, shacks, 
and other interesting buildings you see.

Please email your photos
(email is in my profile in the sidebar)
and I will share them here.

I'd also love to share photos of your free pieced barns
(or other work inspired by BUILD A BARN)
and/or links to your posts about your work.

For those of you on Instagram,
feel free to share your photos there
using our primary IG tag #freepiecedbarnproject 
along with  #freepiecedbarns and #build_a_barn
and #buildabarnnopatternconstruction

There's also a general tag for #freepiecing

Let's each do our part
to keep the free piecing community 
alive and well!

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